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We know what you're going to ask! Why do I need Review Nebula? Well, the truth is, you probably don't.

If you're already making video review content, then you've been using your skills to build an income stream. You're finding new ways to monetize your content. In fact, many of you are already very successful in this arena. For some of you, making video content is now your full time job. And we are excited to assist you in that endeavor!

In actuality, it's Review Nebula that needs you! And that's because our site vistors, who are the consuming public, need you. And they need you because they are searching for honest, authentic, real-people inspired reviews of the products they are interested in.

Review Nebula believes that a paradigm shift is occuring in search marketing. For a decade, review content was tailored to rank for search optimization. Many consumers may not know, but corporations essentially pay for their ranking position in search engine results. If a review's content and search rank are bought, how genuine is that review?

If someone is going to make a purchase, who should they ask? We think the answer is straight forward: Consumers need real people who have an honest opinion about a product.

The world is going video!

The trend was obvious to us at Review Nebula. People need concise, accurate product information in order to feel good about making a purchase. We quickly saw that one genuine video review has the influencing impact of several ranked review articles. A "real customer" video trumps words.

But as wonderful as video reviews are, consumers are faced with a another problem. Finding good video review content is difficult for the average consumer researching a purchase. There are hundreds of blogs and websites that offer video reviews and the consumer can easily lose time trying to figure out which review to trust.

Our solution? Review Nebula puts itself between the consumer and you, the video review content creator. We intend to broker the relationship. You gain additional traffic to your review videos. In return, we show our site visitors a genuine and entertaining review of the product they are considering for purchase. It's a win-win!

Why add your video reviews to Review Nebula

We think video review content creators are very special people because they want to help strangers make good product purchase decisions. But for some of you, the path to success may be difficult. It can be very hard to start a video review content business. One of the biggest hurdles is traffic. For those of you just starting out, you will find your earning potential is limited by new algorithms and the lack of paid sponsors.

We want to help!

Review Nebula works hard to find ways to directly reward video review content creators. The first way we will do that will be through generating traffic back to a video review.

You'll also notice that we are associating video reviews with individual retail products. That's our niche: We are helping to make that connection. And we're talking about ways we can share the benefit of this connection with you!

How to add your video reviews to Review Nebula

Your video review content is central to our plan. We want to embolden and enable you content providers and reward you for your efforts. The relationship we have to our content providers will be critical to our success!

Soon we will have a way for video review content creators to create user accounts and upload content directly to the site.

For now, we'd like you to use this form to Share Your Video Reviews.

Please follow the instructions on this form. Contact us with any questions!


-The Review Nebula Team

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